A layout per document type.

If you've added a new layout specifically for a certain document type (e.g., quotes), you can set the layout as the default during document creation.

To set a layout as the default for a specific document type, go to the Layout overview, click on "Actions" > "Options," and check the desired types where the layout should be set as default. If necessary, you can still choose from other available layouts during document creation.

Please note, only one layout can be set as the default for a particular document type. As long as a layout is set as the default for at least one document type, you cannot archive or delete that layout.

A layout for individual customer.

You can also set the default layout per customer. This setting takes precedence over the default layout per document type. To set the default layout per customer, first activate the "Customer specific settings" module via the Modules page.

Once the module is activated, you can set the default layout (general or per document type) during the creation or update of a customer.

If you wish to set the layout for the customer specifically for a quote or another document, click on "Split."

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