How do I create an account?

Visit our website, click on 'create an account'. Register a new user and fill in the empty fields. Choose a strong password and complete the registration process.

Congratulations on your new account and welcome!

Click on 'next' and fill in the company details.

Go to your 'account', select 'settings', navigate to 'layout', and choose your logo and template there.

In the email settings, you can enter the email address, reply-to address, and forwarding address as a backup address.



In the modules section, you can enable additional items to be displayed on the invoice.

How do I create a second account?

If multiple businesses are managed by the same person, different accounts can be accessed with the same user.

To create a second account under the same user for an existing account, you can log in to the first account and then click on "Add a new account" in the menu at the top right.

To switch between accounts, click on "Switch account" in the top menu.

Please note! Each business should indeed use a separate account. Each account also requires a separate subscription.