To facilitate Direct Debit via Mollie, add a payment link to your email message. During the wizard, click on "Add Direct Debit Payment Link" to automatically include a payment link in the standard email message. You can later adjust this through the settings.

Set up automatic payments via direct debit to process payments after a specified number of days for customers who have given authorization. After sending an invoice, the system waits for the specified number of days before automatically debiting the due amount from the customer's bank account.

To execute a direct debit, you must first obtain permission from your customer. You can obtain permission by allowing the customer to make an initial payment of an invoice via a payment link.

Modify the accompanying text as needed. You can add it between [direct-collection-link]Click here to pay your invoice online. Activate automatic payment via direct debit.[/direct-collection-link] to show the link only if consent for direct debit has not yet been given.

Add text between [direct-collection] and [/direct-collection] to indicate that the invoice will be automatically paid via direct debit. This text will only be shown if you have already received consent for direct debit from the customer.

For example:

[direct-collection]This invoice will be automatically paid via direct debit.[/direct-collection]

By following the payment link (which you can also find in the invoice history at the bottom of the sent invoice), the customer will be redirected to a payment page where they can choose the payment method. Additionally, consent for direct debit will be requested.

Once the customer has made the payment, just like with the regular payment link, the payment of the invoice will be executed immediately. How subsequent direct debits are executed (directly from the bank account or via credit card) depends on the chosen payment method of the customer. Executing future payments directly is possible by checking the checkbox: 'Give beneficiary permission to automatically execute future payments via the chosen payment method'.

Given consent can be requested from the customer details in the "Data" section.

Since consent can also be revoked by the customer, you can update the latest status via the "Update Status" button.

To initiate a direct debit payment, click on the "Payment" button of the respective invoice. A new button "Direct Debit" is available if consent has been granted. Through "Direct Payment," you initiate a payment request for the outstanding amount. Once the payment is processed, the status of the invoice is automatically updated to "Paid."

For subscriptions, you can also automate the direct debit process after creating the invoice. To do this, you check the option "Automatically pay invoice via direct debit (if available)" during the creation of the subscription.

QR-code direct debit (By Mollie link)

Payments via QR codes offer speed, convenience, and security for both customers and merchants. It's a modern payment method that is becoming increasingly popular.

To activate an automatic QR code, go to the layout, scroll all the way down, and check "Mollie payment and activate direct debit (via Mollie link)" for QR code, then determine the position of the QR code on the page.

On the invoice, you will now see the QR code appear along with the additional message "Next time, pay automatically? Activate during payment." This message will be displayed on every invoice until the customer chooses to activate direct debit.


It is advisable to add "[direct-collection]This invoice will be automatically paid via direct debit.[/direct-collection]" to the note field of the layout editor. This way, the customer will receive a notification that the payment will be made via direct debit if no QR code is displayed.

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