Email Settings

Sending invoices, quotes, reminders, and other documents can be done in various ways. If you'd like to know how, continue reading on this page.

Setting Up Your Email?

Go to 'Settings' > 'Email' and select the method through which you want to send your emails by checking one of the options.

Below, we explain the available options and help you determine which delivery method best suits you and your company.

Setting Up Delivery Method

Forwarding Address

Through a forwarding address, you send emails from an email address via our platform. This is the simplest option, requiring no further steps. Your client receives emails from the "Forwarding Address," which you can customize by entering your own name or your company's name. If your client replies to the forwarded invoices via email, the response will be sent to the email address specified under "Reply-To Address." This email address may be different from the one you use to log in.

Custom Email Address (DNS)

Send emails using your own email address. To send from your own email address, you need an email address with your own domain name and the ability to modify the DNS records of your domain. After entering your own email address, you need to activate it by clicking "Check and Activate" and following the instructions provided.

You will see that you need to add the above 3 DNS records to your domain. For this, it's best to contact your domain administrator, web administrator, or IT manager.


DNS stands for "Domain Name System." It's a system that allows you to connect to websites by mapping human-readable domain names (like to the unique ID of the server where a website is hosted.

Think of the DNS system as the phone book of the internet. It records domain names with their corresponding identifiers, called IP addresses, similar to looking up people's phone numbers. When a user enters a domain name like on their device, the IP address is looked up, connecting the user to the physical location where that website is hosted.

your mailbox (SMTP)

To send emails from your own mailbox/mail server, use this option and provide the SMTP details of your mail server, including username and password. These details are used to connect to your mail server and send emails from there. After activating this option, you can send a test invoice to verify if the provided SMTP details are valid.

mailbox (GMail)

Send emails from your Gmail account. To use this option, a link is established between Gmail and our software. This sending method is preferred over SMTP if you use Gmail.

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