By setting up a connection with POM, your customers can pay their invoices directly online using the POM payment button and QR code.

You can open a new account with POM directly through our software.

About POM

With POM, businesses can easily and quickly settle invoices and payments. POM is 100% "made in Belgium".

POM ensures that your customers can pay you very easily through a convenient payment button in invoices sent via email or through a QR code on paper invoices.

Your customers do not waste time entering payment details - everything is pre-filled. Simply click on the payment button or scan the QR code with a smartphone. Payment can then be made very easily and securely via Bancontact or Klarna.

A payment via Bancontact can take place either through the Payconiq by Bancontact app (or through one of the banking apps that have integrated this functionality) or via card and card reader. Klarna also allows for payments to be received from abroad.

The payment process occurs through a payment page, accessible on PC, smartphone, and tablet. The POM QR code can be scanned with any QR reader, the camera of an iPhone, or the POM app (available for free on the App Store and Google Play).

In short, using POM makes it easier for your customers to pay you. You get paid faster and need to send fewer payment reminders. Moreover, less time is needed for follow-up and reconciliation since transactions are processed one-on-one and payment data is always 100% accurate.

Paying invoices is as easy as pie.

Stefaan Degand used to really hate paying invoices. But since he discovered POM, he finds it incredible to receive an invoice. In this video, he explains why.


For every invoice sent through our software and paid via the POM payment button or QR code, a transaction fee of €0.39 (excluding VAT) is charged. Transactions must be purchased on a pre-paid basis.

Account creation

If you don't have a POM account yet, you can create a new one directly through our software. You'll pay a setup fee of €49 (excluding VAT), which includes the first 20 transactions.

To create a POM account, go to "Links" > "POM" > "Set up link" and choose "Create a new account at POM".

Setting up link

Setting up a link can be done via "Modules" > "POM" > "Set up link" and choose the option "Connect with an existing account at POM". This action only needs to be performed once.

Follow the wizard to connect to your POM account.

By setting up this link, the POM payment button will be added to sent emails and a QR code with payment link will be placed on the invoice.

Payment button with custom email layout

If you use the default email layout, the POM payment button will be automatically added. However, if you use a custom email layout, you will need to manually add the payment button to your layout.

Instructions for adding the POM payment button can be found at: Custom email layout in HTML

If you use the "No formatting" option as the email layout, the payment button cannot be added and only a QR code will be placed on the invoice. Switch to a custom email layout to be able to add the payment button.

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